The knife is a tool that always accompanies mankind in its evolutionary history, becomes the star of a show that searches for particular highlighting the peculiarities of design. Studiopepe curated and did a careful selection in collaboration with the historic cutlery shop Lorenzi; a number of artists, designers, and manufacturers were invited to design a knife presenting it in a way that characterises what it means to them as a tool, showcasing unique pieces, prototypes and knives that are the extraordinary result of technique, research and passion. 

The layout of the store, essential and flexible, edited by Studiopepe is characterized by the use of wood and cement, other materials that express the union of the concept of nature (wood) with that of technological research (cement) to a space as the Valcucine showroom continues to grow and change. The original idea was that of a grid that becomes invisible, leaves traces of themself only through a system of holes in the wall on which it is possible to hang wooden pegs in the service of a display system variable. Boxes, ribbons, shelves, and hooks are just some of the accessories that can change the layout of the walls and adapt the content.


NAME: Lama / Non Lama
LOCATION: Valcucine | Viale Piave, 27 | Milano
YEAR: 2012
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Ferrari