The oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines incongruous or contradictory terms side by side. It's a deliberately chosen combination, never accidental, which is able to create unusual contrasts with expressive and meaningful effects. Some oxymoron's arise to suggest unnamed realities. This may depend on the fact that a name is never created specifically or because the code of language must contradict itself to indicate deeper ideas or perceptions. 

Oxymoron is the keyword (and the title of an installation) chosen by Studiopepe to narrate future trends. A scene not only shaped by cultural pluralism but a world in which the union of opposites , through dialogue and cultural short circuits, creates new currents of thought, behaviors and aesthetics. The use of a 3D format trend book, instead of a typical two-dimensional paper version is a provocative assertion, aligned to the changes of printed publications and their fruition. In this case the visitor, crossing a physical space, will not read but perceive the message that the objects narrate.

Client: Garage Milano
Name: Ossimoro
Location: Via Maiocchi 5-7, Milano
Year: 2012
Photography: Andrea Ferrari