"Multidisciplinary Milanese creative agency Studiopepe creates installation marked by clarity, contradiction and coherence. They may rely on a single theme, say, mirrors or a single technique to create an interior. They synthesize well-known with obscure or unusual pieces by emerging talent and, often, their own bespoke items. In their hands, a determined color scheme is a design locomotive, not a decorative afterthought, and can supercede a room’s actual structure. They use contrast, the monolithically monochrome and fields of pattern. They overdo homogeneity and make connections between contraries – pairing craft with industry, the comfy and banal with the thrillingly surreal – and the glue it all together with that greatest of luxuries: empty space."

Shonquis Moreno, The Chamber of Curiosity – Apartment Design and the New Elegance, Gestalten

Studiopepe is situated right along the confines of design, art and fashion. Studiopepe develops a made-to-measure approach for each client, based upon observation, analysis and intuition, and takes care of every single aspect of the project from start to finish. Our team of resident architects and interior designers - in collaboration with an established network of professional consultants - carries out each project by creating unique solutions and unexpected synergies. Studiopepe’s body of work is characterized by an articulated language, whose inspiration can be found in the masters of design, art, the research for materials; the study of spaces, colors and the relationship they have with the surrounding environment and with the things that inhabit it: these are what breathe life into our stylistic expression.