Jaspal inaugurates a new flagship store in Bangkok with a brand new concept signed by Studiopepe.

The space has a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere, characterized by contrasting materials such as concrete and raw wood, natural fibres and handmade ceramics that cover the iconic columns at the entrance and the back wall.

The open layout of the store is defined by full-height metal tubes trimmed with brass details and woven straw frames, that create a circular carousel at the entrance which offers a spectacular display of garments and accessories. The repetition of vertical lines contrasts the soft forms of the furnishings, while rough materials are juxtaposed with glossy and lacquered surfaces.

The overall colour palette revolves around the neutral tones of powder, nude, terracotta and celadon green, alongside natural materials such as rattan, linen and wood. The glazed ceramics are a nod to local traditional craftsmanship, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.

LOCATION: IconSiam | Bangkok
YEAR: 2018
PHOTOGRAPHY: Giuseppe Dinnella