The new chromatic project for Costanza lamp evolved by Paolo Rizzatto with Studiopepe takes the form of two shade collections, each with five variations to bring out the qualities of the matte surfaces. The new season color has been generated by a combination of aesthetic and technological research, concentrating on the fine tuning of perceptions, but also on industrial innovation.

Studiopepe has curated two color collections: the Mezzotono collection, with soft and pictorial range, made of pastel shades that recall the paintings of Morandi and the Radieuse collection that updates with pure tones the colors of the past collections. The ispirations are architecture and modern paintings.

Client: Luceplan
Name: Costanza / Mezzotono and Radieuse collections
Year: 2013
Photography: M. Imbriani, A. Milani, A. Garuti