Maxi Minimal features a rigorous atmosphere marked by black and white contrasts, punctuated by touches of bright color and animated by geometry, graphic elements and unexpected combinations. Each room is inspired by a well-defined color palette: blue for the bedroom, green for the living room, yellow for the dining room and red for the study. These are the colors chosen to emphasize the strongly expressive spaces where contemporary furnishings dialogue with true icons of design history.  For the occasion, Studiopepe created the series Affordable Art, on sale at Spotti, which includes large graphic paintings with fluorescent tubes (Piece#1), smaller paintings with metal mesh geometries (Piece#2), perforated concrete blocks (Piece#3) and small hand-painted wooden sculptures  (Piece# 4).


NAME: Maxi Minimal
LOCATION: Spotti Milano | Viale Piave, 27 - Milano
YEAR: 2013
PHOTOGRAPHY: Silvia Rivoltella