The Spotti showroom hosted a window display dedicated to the theme of the mirror, linked to the event S Come Specchio / O Come Origami, curated by Studiopepe: from hand-held to table-top, not forgetting compact mirrors for the handbag.  A special mention goes to the Italian firm Antique Mirror, whose exhibits include Garth Roberts’ Crate Collection as well as several pieces designed by Studiopepe exclusively for Spotti Edizioni. At the same time, origami and all things to do with the concept of folding take centre stage at the Valcucine Spotti showroom. In this context origami is interpreted as folded materials used in a multitude of ways, from kitchen to lighting via the most traditional home decor applications.


NAME: Winter 2012
LOCATION: Spotti Milano | Viale Piave, 27 - Milano
YEAR: 2012
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Ferrari