When we decided to present a project of our own creation for the Fuorisalone, we felt we wanted tell the tale of not just a place but also a gesture, a ritual, more specifically, the visit.

These are the origins of The Visit.

Living an experience is the basis of The Visit, the experience of entering a space that tells the story of the people living there, not so much through fictitious signs of a life lived, but through the careful, meticulous stratification of signs, codes, and visions. For us, this, is a “home” in the deeper sense of the word, whether it be a private home or a boutique hotel, or any place related to the concept of welcoming and storytelling.

The project was made to measure for Brera Design Apartment, structured in a flat in Milan that dates to the early 1800’s: a succession of rooms with broad windows, stucco, and herringbone parquet. Although we respected the original floorplan, we did not want to be overly limited by it. Several spaces were redesigned through the use of curtains placed scenically between one room and another. The doors and windows have been incorporated into the broad design of a wall drawing, one of the characteristic elements of the project: the rooms interconnect in a continuous play of chromatic and patterned echoes.

Our objective was to create an experience of all that is beautiful, through the use of stylistic stratifications that tell stories, speak of research, recount a particular Milanese atmosphere that is both creative and sophisticated. The masters of the past actively converse with design research. The companies selected as partners are numerous, and each represents excellence. An apartment in which design brands will be interpreted according to the personal style of Studiopepe. Some tailor made projects also will be designed to show materials and surfaces.



NAME: The Visit
LOCATION: Brera Design Apartment, 
Via Palermo 1, 20121 Milano
YEAR: 2017
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Ferrari